Amanda (she/her) is our vice chair & treasurer.

Amanda is… Hardworking!

Amanda is involved in lots of Inclusion and Diversity activities at her place of work. She is now looking forward to making a positive difference in her local community by joining the Yeovil Diveristy Project Committee and helping to encourage unity in Yeovil’s Community.

These are a few of her favourite things:

  • Game: Football
  • Food: Roast Potatoes
  • Artist: Victoria Francés
  • Emoji: 🦥⁠
  • Season: Autumn

She loves nature⁠

Amanda really loves nature, especially bees and trees. Bees are so integral to life as we know it, and are also really cute. It’s amazing to think that a tree grows from a tiny seed, and as well as being beatiful they support so many other lifeforms within their own ecosystems. She also loves the beach.

How will I recognise Amanda at YDP events?

Amanda is a white woman in her 30s. You’ll often see her in her green YDP hoodie or tshirt. She has brown hair. At all events, Amanda will also have her YDP ID card, which you can ask to see any time. It has braille on it for anyone with a visual impairment who wants to verify who they are talking to.

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