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**UPDATE 22/06/2022**

Queer Britain has announced that it will now be shut for a period of time, including the day we were due to visit (25th June). On their social media they have said that this is due to the tube and rail strikes taking place this week.

This is obviously a great blow to those who were excited to make the journey to Queer Britain as a landmark and milestone achievement for the LGBT+ community, but we will not let the day go to waste!

If you were planning to join us and still wish to, despite no longer being able to visit the LGBT+ museum on this occasion, please get in touch and we will make sure we keep you up-to-date as our new plans evolve. Thanks for your patience and understanding 💚🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

As part of our Pride Month 2022 celebrations, join us on 25th June 2022 on a day out to the capital city to visit the UK’s first national LGBT+ museum: Queer Britain.

Utilising the Berry’s Superfast service, we will be in London for just over 6 hours. The opening exhibition at Queer Britain should take no more than an hour for people to explore and digest, although there is a chance that by the end of June when we visit there will be a new installation that may take longer. We will update our itinerary as information becomes available!

There will be no admission fee as it is Queer Britain’s aim to be fully inclusive to all, including financial inclusivity; however, there will be several opportunities to donate. The shop, galleries and toilets are all on the ground floor and are fully wheelchair-accessible.

As mentioned above, we may need to edit and update our itinerary closer to the time so we’re not nailing down times for what we’re doing while in London just yet. We intend on staying more or less in the Kings Cross area, as we know we will have friends with limited mobility joining us. Our current plans, after our museum visit, include getting a late lunch and have some drinks, exploring the Canopy Market and Lower Stable Street Market, and visiting Camley Street Natural Park. We won’t be offended at all if you want to travel with us and join us at the Queer Britain museum, then go off and do your own thing!

For now, we are outlining the journey times and when we will be at Queer Britain so that anyone wishing to make either alternative travel arrangements, or their own plans after the museum for their time in London, are able to do so.

Leaving Taunton at 07:00
Leaving Yeovil at 08:10
Arriving in London at 11:00
Picadilly Line to Kings Cross

Meet at Queer Britain at 12:00

Picadilly Line to Hammersmith
Leaving London at 18:15
Arriving back in Yeovil at 21:05
Arriving back in Taunton at 21:55

Thanks to the kind folks at Berrys, we’re able to give everyone travelling with us a 10% discount on the coach fare. For step-by step-instructions to book your discounted journey click here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love for you to come with us on our #BigGayDayOut2022

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