Sarah (she/her) is our secretary.

Sarah is… Kind!

Sarah is involved with YDP because she wants to make a real difference in her local community & to bring people together. She has over 15 years experience working in the public sector, working for various county councils. She’s worked within learning disability teams, community mental health teams, rehabilitation teams, complex care teams & hospital discharge. Sarah has also attended National Conferences where she has given talks on self injurious behaviours.

These are a few of her favourite things:

  • Game: Cards Against Humanity
  • Food: Mexican
  • Artist: Kat Shaw
  • Emoji: ⁠🥰
  • Season: Autumn

She loves cats!

…And gin, fast cars, F1, and metal music! Her hobbies include baking, doing diamond painting and she is learning to play the guitar. Sarah is an avid mental health advocate and is very excited to start studying for a Master’s in Mental Health Science next year through the Open University.

How will I recognise Sarah at YDP events?

Sarah is a white woman in her early 40s, who sometimes wears tortoiseshell glasses. She likes to dress in bright, colourful clothes (think Boho Goddess), although you’ll often see her in her green YDP hoodie or tshirt. She has shoulder length purple dyed hair. At all events, Sarah will also have her YDP ID card, which you can ask to see any time. It has braille on it for anyone with a visual impairment who wants to verify who they are talking to.

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