Looking to find out more about the activities on offer at the Wellness Area for Home Farm Fest 16?

You’re in the right place!

Abs Attack

Come and join Laura for the ultimate abs attack work out, focusing on core strength. It’s crunch time!

Beginner Amigurumi

Know the basics of crochet? Learn how to create cute creatures with Alex.

Belly Dance

Carolyne is ready to teach you the basics of the beautiful art of belly dance.


Up-level your communication skills by taking part in our British Sign Language class, run by Claire.

Circle Time

It’s time for some positive thinking! Join Lou in a circle of contagious good energy and self affirmation.

Cross Stitch

Leave your troubles behind for a while as you lose yourself in the calming and mindful craft of cross stitch, under Alex’s experienced eye. Limited places!

Disney Dance Party

Come and learn some dance moves from Laura while getting down to a dedicated Disney mix! For Disney fans of all ages.

Glo Stick Disco

Glow sticks in hand, 90s bangers blaring… Is there a more fun way to get in a bit of exercise?

How to Crochet

Alex is here to get you “hooked” on your new favourite hobby – the art of crochet.


Hoop hoop hooray, Laura is back again this year with the super popular hula hooping class.

Kids Hula

Hula as we know it, but with music chosen with younger people in mind. Think upbeat pop numbers and school disco classics.

Legs Bums & Tums

Targeted exercise for certain areas of the body – we’ll let you work out which! Laura will lead this class – just be prepared to feel the burn…


Loving Kindness Meditation lead by Carolyne.


A perfectly patient paper-folding practice. Alex and Lou can help you make fun creations like fortune tellers and beastly beaks, as well as more practical things like folded envelopes and star boxes.

Yeovil Does Pride

It’s happening again on 2nd September! Come and meet some of the people behind the event; ask questions, share your views and get the inside scoop about what’s happening this year.

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