Laura (she/her) is our Secretary.

Laura is… Keen!

Laura has helped out with several Yeovil Diversity Project events over the years and is keen to work to see Yeovil continue to improve and be a place where everyone is welcome!

These are a few of her favourite things:

  • Game: Dungeons and Dragons
  • Food: Cheese
  • Artist: Miracle of Sound
  • Emoji: ❣️
  • Season: Spring

She loves music!

Laura has been involved with Choirs and Musical Theatre since she was a child, including a stint in Young Octagon, Bath University Student Musical Society and, most recently, The Phoenix Voices Choir. She is always happy for a sing song and good times.

How will I recognise Laura at YDP events?

Laura is a white female in her 30s with long red hair and Cat’s Eye glasses. She tends to wear dresses or tunics and likes colour in her outfits.

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