We are a new charity in Yeovil with a passion for equality and diversity. While we’re only small, we’ve got big plans to bring people together, break down barriers and foster tolerance and acceptance of differences. Our aim and motto is “Encouraging unity in Yeovil’s community”and this is at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to working openly, transparently and professionally – even though we are all volunteers, even our trustees. On this page you will find information about all of the policies that we have in place to keep us accountable, keep people safe and make sure we are doing everything to the best of our ability. We won’t get things right 100% of the time but we are willing to learn from our mistakes and grow into more informed, compassionate and considerate people. While the majority are internal documents, copies of all our policies are available upon request.

Data Protection, Privacy and Cookie Notice

Our GDPR and Data Protection Policy outlines how we handle people’s data in accordance with the law, why we do so, and who to contact in the event of any queries.

Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Statement

Our Safeguarding Statement is an outline of our committment to keeping people safe. Our Safeguarding Policy outlines the measures put in place to ensure the safety of any children, young people or adults at risk that we come into contact with. You can read our safeguarding statement here.

Risk Assessment Policy

Our Risk Assessment Policy outlines when risk assessments are required, how we make them as robust as possible and how often they are reviewed.

Finance & Expenses Policy

Our Finance Policy outlines the rules we have in place for the money we have, to prevent fraud and ensure that funds are used responsibly and in line with our aims as a charity.

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy outlines how to make a complaint about one of our trustees, volunteers or the work that we do.

Trustees Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct outlines the principles and standards that all trustees must follow. In line with our mission and values, this document ties these ideals to expected behavior standards. All trustees have agreed to abide by these rules as part of accepting their role.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Our Equality and Diversity Policy outlines our ethos and commitment to inclusion and accessibility. We strongly believe in the importance of representation and intersectionality.

Wellbeing Policy

Our Wellbeing Policy outlines how we look out for the people we work with, and what you can expect from working with us in that respect as a committee member, ambassador or volunteer.

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