Accessibility is a big deal.

While we have disabled representation on our Committee and many friends in our community, we are not immune to getting things wrong. And if you come to one of our events and you come up against a barrier that negatively affects your experience, we want to hear about it.

We hope that, as advocates for lots of different marginalised groups, people would have no inhibitions about giving us this kind of feedback, but we know that giving feedback can be daunting. Stigma and stereotypes about disabled people are ever-present in society. Requests for equity can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience, or even met with hostility or denial that an issue is really a problem. For these reasons and many others, disabled people often just choose not to give feedback; both because of the mental energy it takes to do so, and for fear of the repercussions.

One of our Trustees suggested the idea of an anonymous feedback form, to empower people to feel like they can give feedback without fear. And then we thought, why not make this a wider thing and allow people to use the form for all different events in our area? We can act as an intermediary and pass along your comments so that your voice and your needs are still heard, but taking away that worry.

With all that being said, if you feel comfortable giving feedback to us or any other organisation, business or group about how they could better meet your needs, you absolutely should. This form does not exist to take away anyone’s autonomy or to discourage people in defending their own rights. We are just looking at providing another way for those for whom this is an obstacle.

Please use the form below if you would like to submit some anonymous feedback about a local event. Please do not include any names or other personal information. If it isn’t an event of ours, and you would like us to contact you with any responses the organisation, business or group might provide, then please leave us an email address in the box provided. Your email address will not be passed on with the rest of your feedback.

Event Accessibility Feedback Form

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