How can you say “equality for all” when you blocked (person) from your social media? How are you “encouraging unity” when you refuse certain people at your events?

We believe in equality for all people who believe in equality for all people.

This means we don’t tolerate racists, bigots, TERFs – sadly, it’s a pretty long list. Equality is all about making sure that everyone has the same chances to reach their full potential in life. At Yeovil Diversity Project we work towards this by amplifying voices of marginalised communities as well as creating safe spaces and platforms for those people to express their lived experiences, needs and hopes for the future.

It simply isn’t possible for people to reach their full potential when whole groups of people are excluded, ignored, abused and oppressed. It’s also not possible when people believe that a group that they are part of is superior to others.

While in general we are very tolerant people, we do not tolerate intolerance – we take a strong stance on this and we’re not afraid to call out such behaviours. Diversity enriches our town, improves our community and makes life better, and we intend to celebrate it. We’d love for you to join us as we do so!

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