Graham (he/him) is our Treasurer.

Graham is… friendly!

Graham is a software engineer who enjoys playing Minecraft with his friends. He also plays trumpet in a local big band. He lives with his girlfriend in Yeovil and is happy to be working with YDP towards positive changes for the future of our town.

These are a few of his favourite things:

  • Game: The Witness
  • Food: Lemon Tart
  • Artist: Hannah Bottomley
  • Emoji: ☃
  • Season: Winter

He loves his cats!

Graham has two cats called Tiffin & Floki. They are trouble, but very lovable. Both of them are black and white, and were rescued from Spain. They like to “help” Graham on the computer when he is working from home.

How will I recognise Graham at YDP events?

Graham is a white guy in his 30s. He wears a lot of black alongside his green YDP hoodie and has long dark curly hair.

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