Tracey (she/her) is a trustee.

Tracey is… Loving!

Tracey loves children and animals, especially dogs. Although she started out going to catering college, she gave that up but continued to work in catering on and off until 2017 when she resigned from a waitressing job at the Half Moon in Mudford when her son Rhys was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tracey has a lot of experience of spending time in hospitals around children with life threatening illnesses because of the amount of time she spent in hospital with Rhys through the course of his life while dealing with long term cancer.

These are a few of her favourite things:

  • Game: Home Solitaire
  • Food: Sausages, Roast Beef
  • Artist: Tom Jones
  • Emoji: ❤️⁠
  • Season: Summer

She loves crafts!

In 2022 Tracey went along to a pouring paint art workshop at Hobbycraft and discovered something that she loved. Since then, she has done several other similar workshops through Hobbycraft and has established her own art workspace at home.

She has developed a real enthusiasm for these ways of creating art.

How will I recognise Tracey at YDP events?

Tracey is a white, middle-aged female with glasses and shortish hair. She has neurofibromatosis and so has several lumps that are visible on her hands and arms. She will also be wearing her green YDP hoodie.

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