Jenna (she/her/oi you!{only if done politely}) is our Wellbeing Lead.

Jenna is… Caring!

Jenna has been involved with diversity and inclusion activities for a number of years, including Gender Identity lead for the company LGBTQ+ network and a Diversity and Inclusion Champion for her specific site, due to her non-day job roles at work. She is also a trained Mental Health First Aider at work. Jenna spent most of her late son’s life in and out of hospitals with him and, because of this, understands how important it is to have supportive people in your life when you are going through difficult periods. As a result she is keen to ensure that people get the support they need to allow them to live their lives to the full.

These are a few of her favourite things:

  • Game: Rugby Union (6 Nations) / Elite Dangerous
  • Food: Gammon Steak
  • Artist: Diane Arbus / Sally Mann / Don McCullin
  • Emoji: 😁
  • Season: Spring

She loves pushing her limits!

Those that know Jenna will be familiar with the fact that she has a tendency to do things that most people would look at her and think “Why?” Half marathons, marathons, half Ironman triathlon, open water swim, fire eating, fire walking (happening in September 2021). On the cards for the future are completing the London Marathon (again), completing a full Ironman triathlon, and doing the Dart 10K. In her spare time Jenna is stretching herself by doing a photography degree through the Open College of the Arts.

How will I recognise Jenna at YDP events?

Jenna is a 50 something white female with a transgender history. Mid length hair, which varies in colour depending on her and her hairdressers moods when she gets it done. She will be the person happily mucking in with whatever needs doing at events and might be the one wandering around with a camera. You’ll often see her in her green YDP hoodie or tshirt. She will also be the one looking sceptically at the other YDP members if they are getting too enthusiastic about things.

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