Lou (they/them) is our chair person.

Lou is… Passionate!

Lou has a passion for equality and diversity that they just can’t keep quiet! Having helped to co-found Yeovil Pride in 2019, they’ve now diversified the work they do by taking the helm of the Yeovil Diversity Project and helping to encourage unity in Yeovil’s Community.

These are a few of their favourite things:

  • Game: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Food: Green olives
  • Artist: Serj Tankian
  • Emoji: 🖤⁠
  • Season: Autumn

They love dogs!

Lou sadly had to say goodbye to their first dog Husdon in 2020, but they still have Crysta who just turned 5. Lou takes Crysta out for walks with the help of a mobility scooter. Her fluffy ears and cute face always draw people in for a chin scratch or two… Crysta, that is, not Lou 😁⁠

How will I recognise Lou at YDP events?

Lou is a white woman in their 30s and they are a wheelchair user. They like to wear a lot of black, although you’ll often see them in their green YDP hoodie or tshirt. They usually have black hair but sometimes have green or rainbow hair.

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