#QueerAllYear is our committment to modelling visibility and pride as part of the LGBT+ community all year round. We promise to stand up and be counted. On our social media you will see us celebrating LGBT+ observances, we will be running our own annual events to mark important occassions, and we will also be supporting other people’s events in Yeovil where we can.

We are starting a regular LGBT+ social meetup Let’s Get Beverages Together which you can find out more about here. It’s a friendly, informal LGBT+ gathering in Yeovil from 7pm every 3rd Tuesday of the month. It’s important for people to have a safe space where they can connect with other people who have similar experiences. The LGBT+ community is a spectrum and no two of us are the same but it’s great to come together and be your authentic selves in a welcoming environment.

We have also created Youth Activism Yeovil, our schools outreach program. At the moment we are focusing on connecting with schools in Yeovil that already have a dedicated provision for their LGBT+ students, and also working to encourage other schools to meet their pupils’ needs in this way.

Our #QueerAllYear campaign is an active pledge to lead by example and hopefully help more people feel comfortable to be out and proud in Yeovil, if they are ready and able to do so. We here, and we’re #QueerAllYear