Adam & Eve = Adam & Steve = Anna & Eve

All as equal, valid and important as each other. No pairing better or worse, none of them normal or abnormal. Just different. 

In the LGBT+ community, we tend to focus so much on days like this on *who* people love. It is imperative as a marginalised community ourselves that we look out for, involve and appreciate the minorities within our own circle. 

This Valentines Day we wanted to take the opportunity to remember and remind people that love isn’t just romantic love. Love is acceptance. Love is friendship. Love is caring for someone. Love is respecting someone. Love is engaging in an activity that brings you joy. Love is looking after yourself and your needs. And being true to who you are, regardless of whether you are someone who experiences romantic love or sexual attraction or not, is an act of love in itself. Asexual and aromantic people are valid and important members of the LGBT+ community, and we should make effort to acknowledge everyone we include in the “+”. There are far more hues, shades and colours on the LGBT+ spectrum than just Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans. 

We want to make sure that all identities and orientations under the LGBT+ umbrella feel as valued as, and equal to, others in everything we do as prominent LGBT+ activists in our area. There is no-one more suitably qualified to let us know how we can improve what we do for our local community for Aces, Aros and other LGBT+ minorities than those people themselves. So if you identify as something other than Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Trans, we would love to hear from you and how we can make our activities and events more inclusive and relevant to everyone.